020 (640x424)My favorite month of the year is rapidly slipping away as I write this. October means cool enough for a sweatshirt but not bitterly cold, the summer haze is gone and replace by clear blue skies, grilling gives way to chili and soup, college football is in full swing (Go Southeast Conference!), and of course there is the beautiful scenery everywhere you look. Some of my favorites…

farm (640x424)The changing farm scenes as the corn is cut and green turns to brown

corn stalks (640x424)The sound of the wind rustling through the dry corn

front yard (640x424)Looking out my front window

backyard 2 (640x424)Or looking out to the back yard

wyomissing blvd (640x424)Did I mention the leaves?

pumpkins (640x415)Then there are the fields of pumpkins

backyard (640x423)Oh, and the leaves

autumn creek (640x413)A peaceful autumn stream

leaves (640x424) Now the winter preparation is underway which includes stacking the firewood, cleaning the flower beds, closing the storm windows, etc. I vote for lengthening October and shortening January and February. Don’t forget the leaves…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. LB says:

    You captured the essence of fall! Lovely!


  2. Incredible photos Mary– I love seeing your part of the country!


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