In the Adjoining Field…

In the field next to where the Amish farmer was baling hay in the previous post, his son was raking the hay in preparation for baling.

Hay Baling-Amish Style

Here are some photos of a local Amish farmer baling hay. The hay is scooped up with the yellow roller and goes back into the baler. Here the farmer is clearing the baler. Time to turn and go the other way… Now we will go the other direction. Now watch…. Open wide… Now it is time to…

Sweet Cherries

The sweet cherries are ready at the local orchard. Soon it will be cherry pie time as the sour cherries become available, then the blueberries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and apples. The fresh local fruit is always good fresh or baked between two crusts. Yum!

Mountain Laurel Time

The state flower for Pennsylvania is in bloom now.  More information on the selection of the mountain laurel for the state flower, which is a blooming shrub rather than a typical flower, can be found here. I just enjoy the brief season with the pale pink blooms showing up along the country roads.

Hidden in the Woods

The pink ladyslippers are making their annual appearance in the woods. Due to all of the downed limbs and trees from the October snowstorm, we do not have as many this year. But if you look closely and are careful of where you step you can still find groupings of the delicate pale pink member…