New Hampshire in the Fall

NH leaves 3 (640x420)One of my favorite areas is the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We spent several days in the Lincoln area at the end of September. It is near the White Mountain National Forest and Franconia Notch State Park. There are lots of hiking trails, waterfalls and other beautiful scenery. Looking forward to returning again next fall.

NH leaves 10 (640x424)

ridley falls (640x424)

NH Leaves 5 (640x424)

NH waterfalls (640x424)

NH church (640x412)

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NH leaves 8 (640x401)

NH leaves (640x424)

The View from My Window

Autumn LeavesIf you spend much time with four or five-year-old little girls, you are certain to hear the phrase, “That is my favorite.” It may refer to food, colors, clothes, toys, animals or anything. As I was buying groceries last week, a dad asked his young daughter what type of peppers did she want. The little girl responded, “I like green peppers. That’s my favorite.”

If you asked my about what time of year I like best, I would say, “October, that is my favorite.” The weather is delightful, just cool enough for a light jacket or sweatshirt, summer haze is gone and we have clear blue skies, and the leaves on the trees go through an ever-changing display of colors.

Here are some photos from the woods surrounding our house. Too bad we cannot extend October and shorten January and February!

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

The Drive Home

Autumn LeavesDuring the summer, my drive home from work looks like this. The green leaves meet over the road to provide a feeling of driving through a green tunnel.

This time of the year, the green has changed to yellow, red, orange and all shades between. It is a delightful time to be out of doors and driving through the beautiful ever-changing woods.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

October Weather

We had very strange weather at the end of October. One day it was a beautiful fall day with the trees a mass of color.

The next day, this was the view with 10 inches of snow eventually falling.

The night after the snow fell, there was the constant sound of trees falling and limbs breaking. The electricity went out Saturday afternoon. We have an all-electric house and a well so no electricity means no heat, no light and no water. We had some water for drinking and melted snow water for flushing the toilets. We also use the melted snow for bathing and washing hair the first few days, however, since we had thrown bird seed on the snow, you had to be careful when washing hair with the snow to scoop out the bird seed. Continue reading