Summer Scene

I am enjoying our summer flowers and birds today. I love the summer plumage of the goldfinch and the scene as he stops by to eat some seeds from the cone flowers. (The silver/gray in the back of the photo is Dichondra (silver falls) from a hanging basket in a tree — Dichondra makes a…

Tic Tac Toe Garden Table

I saw a tic tac toe garden table shared on Facebook and decided that was something I would really like to have for my garden (and granddaughters). You can order a pre-cut round board from the home supply stores but my husband used a thick piece of plywood and cut it in a circle. We…

Gardening in the Woods

One of the challenges of living in the woods is that it is difficult to find a spot that has enough sun for growing vegetables. This year we decided to try raised beds in a clearing up the hill from the house. My husband and son built two beds and we have planted tomatoes, peppers,…

Yearly Bloom

This is the flower of an amaryllis from my grandmother. She passed away over 30 years ago so I am not sure how old the plant is but each winter, it sends up the orange/pink blossoms and reminds me of my grandmother’s love of flowers and gardening.

Well, Hello There…

As I was cutting flowers, I ran across this big fellow. A quick internet search revealed it is a common garden spider called the Black and Yellow Argiope ( Argiope aurantia). They catch large insects such as grasshoppers and butterflies in their web. I decided I could pass on this flower and leave Mr. Spider…

Hummingbird Moths this Summer

The hummingbird moths were plentiful this summer, although they are disappearing now that the cooler weather is approaching. Here is one visiting a day lily that was actually still for a few moments.

Visitor in the Petunias

As I was walking by the flowers this afternoon, I looked up at a basket of petunias and came face-to-face with a very large frog who was enjoying his (or her) time in the basket. Being startled, I jumped a foot in the air but then I decide that it was a pretty interesting visitor…

Tiger Swallowtail – Male and Female

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly(Papilio glaucus) is one of the most common and easily identified butterflies. With the bright yellow color and distinctive stripes, it even has an easy-to-remember name. This is also a butterfly where it is easy to determine the male and female. The female has a row of blue on the open…

Sachem (Skipper)

Two Sachem Skipper butterflies (Atalopedes campestris) on Lantana blossoms. The greenish Sachem is the male. I believe the other Skipper is the female but did not get a clear identification. For anyone interested in butterfly identification, the Gardens with Wings site is very helpful in figuring out the correct name of the butterfly. You can search…


This is what you get from this… Yum…. sweet, juicy peaches!

Question Mark

Another butterfly taking advantage of the butterfly bush — the Question Mark butterfly seen earlier this summer.


Silver-spotted Skipper, a very common small brown butterfly, stopping by the butterfly bush. More information about the silver-spotted skipper can be found at this link.

First Monarch

The Monarch butterflies are beginning to emerge. This is the first one I have seen this summer but I look forward to more butterflies stopping by in August.

Hummingbird Moth

The hummingbird moth, so named because of its resemblance to a hummingbird, is a moth that is constantly on the move with wings that beat very fast. It is hard to get a clear picture because of the moving wings and constant motion of the moth but it is fun to watch as it moves…

Eight Spots

Eight spotted forester moth (Species Alypia octomaculata) stopping by a Shasta daisy

Taking a Sip

Butterfly stopping by on a cone flower in the garden. I have not learned to identify butterflies, yet, other than the most common. Anyone know what this one is? Or is it a moth? Thanks for any help.

Hay Baling-Amish Style

Here are some photos of a local Amish farmer baling hay. The hay is scooped up with the yellow roller and goes back into the baler. Here the farmer is clearing the baler. Time to turn and go the other way… Now we will go the other direction. Now watch…. Open wide… Now it is time to…