Goat Expressions

“I am having a good day, chewing my hay and waiting for judging at the Farm Show.” “Forget about that other goat, I am pretty confident that I am going to win first place.” “Grrrrr… Step away from the goat pen!”

Stopping By

Early morning visitor to our backyard. “Uh oh, I just heard a shutter click from that pesky lady looking out the window at me. Time to head back  into the woods.”

Turkeys are Back

Two wild turkeys came wandering in the backyard today pecking at the stray bird seed on the ground. We have not seen the turkeys since last fall when we had groups of 20-30 roaming the yard regularly. One year on Thanksgiving day we had 30 turkeys in the yard, however we were satisfied with store-bought turkey rather than…

Goats on the Landfill

Lanchester Landfill, the big mountain west of Morgantown on the border of Lancaster and Chester Counties, has a resident population of goats and sheep that graze on the hillside.