Laotian Embroidery

These are examples of embroidery from the northern area of Laos and Thailand. These pieces were purchased during a trip to Thailand. Laotian women weave these beautiful textiles on looms using silk thread.

They are traditionally worn over their shoulder when visiting their Buddhist temples, and oftentimes left as gifts to the monks.  The embroidery serves an important cultural and financial part of traditional village life.  Continue reading

Coast-to-coast “Don’t Miss” Exhibits, Part 1: 82 Amish Quilts from the Esprit Collection in Lancaster, PA

Here is a great opportunity to see some marvelous quilts.

See How We Sew

Within the past few weeks, news of two noteworthy (and very different) quilt exhibits has crossed my radar, one on each side of the country. I originally intended to tell you about both of them in one post, but Christie suggested that a single post couldn’t possibly do them justice. So this time around, I’ll share the news that next month, for one week only, the Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum (Lancaster, PA) will mount a special exhibit: “The Art of the Quilt: 82 Quilts from the Former Esprit Collection.”  This landmark display of vintage Amish quilts kicks off on Tuesday evening, March 13, with a by-reservation preview reception and dinner with former curator of the Esprit collection, Julie Silber. The exhibit opens to the public on Wednesday, March 14 and runs through Sunday, March 18. For a complete schedule of exhibit hours, curator tours, and other related special events, click here.


This is the first time the entire collection of…

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Indian Summer Quilt

This is a quilt that was purchased during a mission conference at our church last year. The pattern is Indian Summer and was made in West Java, Indonesia by women involved in Agape Craft. Agape Craft (Agape means selfless love in Greek) is a non-profit Christian organization that is providing opportunities for men and women in rural Indonesia to earn money through sewing quilts and other crafts. The organization began in 1991 when a local woman saw an American’s quilt and asked if she could make one like it. From the initial sewer, the organization has grown to over 300 sewers in 11 villages. Continue reading

Fan Quilt

This is an old fan quilt that was made by one of my aunts in approximately the 1950s (but that is just a guess on the age). I like the old fabrics and the red of the fan handles ties everything together. Continue reading

Amish Double Nine Patch

The Amish Double Nine-Patch is one of my favorite quilts. This quilt hanging is unusual in that it is made of woolen fabrics. It was purchased in the mid-1980s at an Amish farm in Lancaster County. The colors are very bright and the quilting stitches are tiny. It is a great example of quilt artistry.