Getting Around Town

Some of the various type of Amish and Old Order Mennonite buggies in this area of Pennsylvania.

In the Adjoining Field…

In the field next to where the Amish farmer was baling hay in the previous post, his son was raking the hay in preparation for baling.

Hay Baling-Amish Style

Here are some photos of a local Amish farmer baling hay. The hay is scooped up with the yellow roller and goes back into the baler. Here the farmer is clearing the baler. Time to turn and go the other way… Now we will go the other direction. Now watch…. Open wide… Now it is time to…

Hay Raking

Local Amish youth using the draft horses to rake hay.

The Green Tunnel

One enjoyable aspect of the daily drive to work and back is the section of the road where the overhanging trees meet. This time of the year it is like driving through a green tunnel and it provides welcome relief when the hot summer weather arrives. In the fall, the “tunnel” turns into a yellow and…

Finding Treasures

This area of Pennsylvania is a mecca for antique and flea market lovers. Adamstown is home to Renninger’s, Black Angus, Shupps Grove and many other shops, both large and small. A personal favorite of mine is Fiesta Ware and other kitchen objects. At one time I collected Depression glass. I also collect Pennsylvania redware pottery…

Spring Planting with Mule Power

It is time for spring plowing and planting. This is an Old Order Mennonite farmer with a team of five mules working his field. There are two different “horse and buggy” groups who live in this area — Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite. They differ in their dress and customs but share many practices such…

Hazy with a Chance of Farms

As a complete newbie when it comes to photography, I learn something new each time I head out to take some photos. I spent an hour driving around this afternoon making photos of some of the local farms. I was wanting to capture all of the various shades of green at this time of the year….

Covered Bridges of Berks County

We spent an afternoon during the Easter weekend making a tour of the five covered bridges in Berks County. Four of the bridges are still used by traffic and one is located in the Berks County Heritage Center park. The Greater Reading Convention & Visitors’ Bureau has a map and guide to the bridges which you can print by…

Mmmmm…. Chocolate

Pennsylvania has a long history of chocolate and candy making — from the well-known large companies such as Hershey, Ludens and 5th Avenue (both of the last two companies were originally located in Reading) to small companies such as Wilbur Chocolates in Litiz or Reppert’s in Oley.  There are also many very small chocolate makers such as Lorah’s Handmade Chocolates. Started forty…

Goats on the Landfill

Lanchester Landfill, the big mountain west of Morgantown on the border of Lancaster and Chester Counties, has a resident population of goats and sheep that graze on the hillside.

Amish Schools

“Enter with a joyful countenance,” so notes a sign on the door of one of the 200 one-room schools serving the Amish community of Lancaster County.

Eagles, Snow Geese and Swans

We went by Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area this afternoon. In addition to the usual population of Canada geese and various types of ducks, the lakes now have a large population of snow geese and tundra swans. Middle Creek also has resident bald eagles and we enjoyed seeing them flying over the lake.

October Weather

We had very strange weather at the end of October. One day it was a beautiful fall day with the trees a mass of color. The next day, this was the view with 10 inches of snow eventually falling. The night after the snow fell, there was the constant sound of trees falling and limbs breaking….