Winter’s Blue


bluebird squawk (640x447)One of the joys of winter in our area is the profusion of Eastern Bluebirds. Once rare, the bluebirds have made a comeback in the last 20 years as residents construct bluebird trails and conserve natural areas. The bluebirds are year-round residents but tend to stay in the woods in the summer. Once the cold weather hits, all it takes are some mealworms in the feeders and the bluebirds suddenly appear. And if the feeder is empty, they will sit on the pole staring at you until you come out to add more worms. And from the photo above and below you can see that they argue a lot about the mealworms. And don’t forget the fresh water for the birds in the winter – in our area, we have to add a heater to the bird bath to keep the water ice free. Enjoy our winter touch of blue.

bluebird pair (640x424)

bluebirds (640x453)

female BB on birdbath (640x424)

bluebird 2 (640x424)

female bluebird (640x424)

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