Getting Outside

take a walk in the woods (640x424)One of the joys of the grandchildren visiting is spending time with them walking in the woods or when the weather is warmer, working in the garden. Even though it was cold during the Christmas visit (but no snow on the ground this year), we still spent time in the woods and filling jars with “nature” things that we found.

I read an interesting article about how Scandinavian babies nap outside even when the weather is well below freezing. We lived in Germany when my oldest son was young and I remember the German mothers shopping and taking walks with their babies snug in their warm sleeping bags inside the prams during the coldest weather. Here is a link to the article and a couple of photos of our time outside with the children and grandchildren.

rock pile (640x424)The rock wall is always interesting to explore

woods with steve (640x424)Uncles are great for spending time with nieces

feedng mealworms (640x424)Filling the mealworm containers for the bluebirds

reflection (640x424)Unfortunately a great blue heron found the fish pond this week so not sure how many fish we have left

rocks 2 (640x424)Talk a walk and enjoy all of the great things to see and explore!

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