goop 7 (640x424)As I mentioned in previous post, the grandchildren were here for a visit. One of our projects focused on making slime – another project (a standard for Pre-K teachers) was goop or oobleck. This is another great sensory experience for young children.

Like slime, it is easy to make but a little messy so cover your table or work surface to help in the clean-up.

Goop (Oobleck)



Liquid water color (Optional)

There are no proportions, that is part of the experience. Pour some cornstarch into a mixing container. Then gradually add water and mix. The cornstarch and water makes a substance that is solid in the dish but turns to a fluid when you pick it up. Again, lots of good messy fun for young children.

Pour cornstarch in container and gradually add water

goop 2 (640x424)

Start mixing

goop 3 (640x424)

Lots of stuff to do with mixture

goop 4 (640x424)

For color, use liquid water colors (available at arts and craft stores)

goop 6 (640x424)

Lots of concentration!

goop 8 (640x399)Have fun!

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