Making Slime!


slime 5 (640x482)This past week our children and grandchildren came for a visit. The granddaughters are three and six years old – wonderful ages especially for an early childhood educator. For this visit, I pulled out some of the sensory experiences that the Pre-K students always loved. The first project was making slime. Just the name is a big hit with the younger set!

For easier clean-up, cover your table or work surface with an old tablecloth or papers. The recipe for slime is easy:


Equal parts of:

White School Glue

Liquid Starch

Liquid Water Colors or Food Coloring

Pour the glue into some type of container for mixing. Then add an equal amount of liquid starch. Mix with hands and enjoy the slimy experience! For color you can add liquid water colors (available at arts and craft stores) or food coloring.

Great sensory fun and opportunities for vocabulary development.

Here are a couple of photos of the fun. Start with the glue – look for white school glue (not Elmer’s Glue)

slime 1 (640x424)

Add equal parts starch and mix

slime 2 (640x424)

For added color, use liquid water colors

slime 3 (640x424)

Then have some slimey fun!

slime 4 (640x424)

slime 6 (640x424)


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