Feasting on the Wreath


bluebirds wreath (640x419)Each year after we remove the decorations from the Christmas tree, we put the tree in the yard to serve as cover for the birds during the cold and snowy days of winter. This year I purchased a wreath made with fresh greens including juniper which has lots of little blue berries. When I finished with the wreath, I threw it on top of the Christmas tree outside with ribbons still attached because I figured some bird would like the berries.

birds wreath 3 (640x424)Much to my surprise, the birds who have been feasting on the wreath are the Eastern Bluebirds.

male on wreath (640x424)Sometime it is a group of birds on the wreath enjoying the berries. Other times it is just one or two.

birds wreath (640x396)And there are more berries…

scrounging (640x424)And still more…

female bluebird bath 1 (640x423)After feasting on the berries, then you need a drink.

bluebird and goldfinch (640x417)And sometimes you are joined at your favorite watering hole by a friend.

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  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    What a god idea for a natural habitat and something for the birds to do, eat, and be protected in. The birds are beautiful in the tree as well ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Mary says:

      The Christmas trees provide great cover for the birds. This was the first year for us to have this particular type of wreath and I just threw it on top of the tree and have enjoyed watching the bluebirds. We are getting snow tonight – last measurement was 8 inches and still coming down hard!


      1. Seasonsgirl says:

        We had 10 inches at our last count and the snow was slowing down thankfully… hope you all stayed warm ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Redterrain says:

    They are so beautiful…such lovely colours!


    1. Mary says:

      I love the bluebirds, winter or summer, but they are especially delightful to behold during the winter.


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