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PEAK Collage 3 (594x279)In my other world know as “work”, I coordinate a community wide school readiness initiative. The school district partners with community early learning programs and supports them to improve quality and engage families so when the kids arrive in kindergarten, they are ready for success.

The initiative is know as PEAK (Pottstown Early Action for Kindergarten readiness) and we focus on community outreach, quality improvement, health/wellness, family engagement, and kindergarten transition. We provide professional development, instructional coaching, behavior management support (many three and four year old children exhibit severe violence and aggression), early screenings, community activities and transition activities. Our work is primarily targeted at the three and four year old children in the community and is all supported through multiple grant funding sources.

If you are interested in early education, you may want to take a look at some of our resources.

Facebook –  Like us at PEAK Pottstown

Twitter – Folllow us  @PEAKPartners

Pinterest – PEAK Pottstown

We also have family and teachers newsletters available on our website at www.peakonline.org  or visit the blog at www.peakblog.org.

Take a look if you are interested in early education and share with families or teachers of young children. Thanks!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. LB says:

    It’s always interesting to learn what bloggers do besides blog 🙂 Your program is amazingly comprehensive!


    1. Mary says:

      Thanks, I work with a great group of people.


  2. Mary I didn’t know you did this!! I teach at 3/4 combo and know kids need all the help they can get from family and others. God bless in the ways you’re helping those kids!


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