Rejected…. again


BluebirdThis year we were sure the Eastern bluebirds were going to nest in one of our bluebird houses. For the past several years, we have spent a fortune on mealworms, made sure there was always fresh water in the winter and pampered the bluebirds in every way we could in hopes of having a nesting pair. Each year, they have decided to eat the mealworms, enjoy the birdbath but when it came to nesting they still preferred a tree cavity or perhaps a neighbor’s birdhouse.

bluebird pair 3 (640x373)This year the birds gorged on mealworms.

bluebird 1-25-1 (640x424)They enjoyed the birdbath

030And then, we had a pair investigating one of the houses.

014The male inspected it.

012Outside and inside

034The female inspected it.

009The male guarded it and chased away the other males.

030They inspected it together. Lots of going in and going out. Surely they are going to nest this year.

bluebird pair 2 (640x441)But once again, they appear to have found another location for their nest. They still stop by to eat mealworms but no activity around the boxes now. Each year I threaten to not feed them mealworms if they are not going to nest. But each year, I give in to the beautiful blue color and head to the store for another container of mealworms. Maybe next year….

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  1. Jo Ann says:

    We had starlings take over our bluebird house one year, but last year they nested in a nest box on our front porch and successfully fledged their young.


    1. Mary says:

      Thankfully since we are in the country, the starlings have not moved into our area yet. The bluebirds are such great birds.. would be nice some spring to have a nesting pair.


  2. Beautiful little guys. Great photos.


  3. They are so sweet and colorful! You must have a good long lens! Beautiful.


  4. LB says:

    What a wonderful post! The photos, the story, the anticipation, the rejection … thanks for sharing!


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