Two Sparrows

white throat song sparrow (640x424)There are two different types of sparrows sitting in our discarded Christmas tree (Christmas trees make great cover for the birds during the winter. After we remove the decorations, we move it to the patio for the birds). The upper sparrow is a song sparrow and the lower is the easily identified white-throat sparrow.

white throat 5 (640x424)Here is another view of the white-throat. They are winter birds in our area arriving in November and leaving again in the spring. They have the very distinctive white-throat and the patch of yellow by their eyes.

song sparrow (640x424)The song sparrow has stripes on its upper chest and frequently has a black spot in the center of its chest. It does have a white throat but not as distinctive as the white-throat. It also has stripping on its head. Both sparrows are ground feeders and add beauty and interest to the cold winter’s days.

song sparrow 2 (640x424)

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