Mountain Laurel Time

The state flower for Pennsylvania is in bloom now.  More information on the selection of the mountain laurel for the state flower, which is a blooming shrub rather than a typical flower, can be found here. I just enjoy the brief season with the pale pink blooms showing up along the country roads.

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  1. So pretty– things are blooming here too– Our state flower is the California Golden Poppy (orange)– My neighbor has a patch in his yard. Thanks for the post Mary.


    1. Mary says:

      I remember the fields of poppies when we lived in California our first year of marriage. They were always so pretty.


  2. What a beautiful flower 🙂


  3. These are really cool flowers.


  4. dhphotosite says:

    Very beautiful and super images. I haven’t seen any yet…you must have a secret source!!!


    1. Mary says:

      Thanks for the comment–Cocalico Road, the back road to Birdsboro. There is always a stretch each spring with laurel blooming.


      1. dhphotosite says:

        Ahhh…I will head over that way!! Thanks !!!


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