In Praise of Greenhouses


My favorite place to visit from now until late fall is  Black Creek Greenhouse. It is owned and operated operated by a Mennonite family and was started in 1980. It has a wonderful selection of all types of plants, plus you can also pick up some locally grown produce and farm fresh eggs.

Customers use a variety of different types of transportation to get to the greenhouse. Including horse/buggy and bicycle.

I wander the aisles trying to figure out where I could plant more flowers… What will fit where, do I already have that plant and I might as well get just a few more plants… supporting local businesses, helping the economy and all that….

Perhaps a yellow rose

Or maybe pink

Or a combination of yellow and pink

Or maybe just one of everything.

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  1. OK, now you’ve made me want to trek on back to Pennsylvania to see this for myself!! Do you know the name of the yellow-pink rose? So beautiful.


    1. Mary says:

      I plan to swing by the greenhouse again tomorrow afternoon so I will check the name. I have not gotten brave enough to grow roses but they have a lot of pretty ones.


      1. Yep, I think roses are a lot easier to grow here in CA, since we don’t had freezing winters.


  2. dhphotosite says:

    Greenhouses are the best places to hang out. There is so much to see and smell. I have a hard time staying away! Super photos Mary!!!


  3. Gunta says:

    My favorite is the 4th photo (right after the bicycle). Can’t quite decide what it might be? Maybe a dahlia?


    1. Mary says:

      Yes, I think that was a table with various dahlias on it. Thanks for taking a look at the blog.


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