A New Perspective

Osteospermum Balvoyelo

I invested (“invest” sounds so much more responsible than I spent money on something I wanted but did not really need) in a macro lens for the camera today–40mm 2.8. Came home and, without reading any of the directions, put the lens on the camera and headed outside. Since we have an early spring, I have both spring blooming plants such as columbine, phlox and dogwood plus annuals that are more appropriate to the summer such as the African daisies. Here is the first effort at using the lens…. now maybe I will read the directions.


9 comments on “A New Perspective

  1. Great photos Mary! I have a Nikon 3100 SLR I just purchased a few months back. I have been going crazy taking pictures! So much better than the old. I will be getting a macro lens here soon. Anything you learn, please share. Love your posts and blog.


  2. Thanks, we got the Nikon 5100 SLR in February and I am still very much in the learning stage as I had always been a point and shoot person and I usually cut off heads or missed the shot entirely. The SLR has opened a whole new world and it is a lot of fun.


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