Laotian Embroidery

These are examples of embroidery from the northern area of Laos and Thailand. These pieces were purchased during a trip to Thailand. Laotian women weave these beautiful textiles on looms using silk thread.

They are traditionally worn over their shoulder when visiting their Buddhist temples, and oftentimes left as gifts to the monks.  The embroidery serves an important cultural and financial part of traditional village life. 

This type of embroidery is also created by the Yao tribe which is found in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. They use the embroidery to decorate their traditional costumes of tunics and trousers.

The designs can be replicated on a small scale using a counted-thread technique and silk embroidery thread.

5 comments on “Laotian Embroidery

  1. That’s gorgeous! I’m bookmarking this page so that I can come back later and get some good embroidery inspiration. I love seeing traditional embroidery techniques and patterns. 🙂


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