Shark Teeth and Wild Onions

Once again it is spring and I am digging up the wild onions in the flower beds and yard.  I know wild onions have their beneficial uses but they always grow where you don’t want them to grow and they grow in such profuse numbers. It seems that as soon as I pull one up, another rises in its place.

So I was thinking that maybe there is a genetic link between wild onions and shark teeth.

You know how sharks have an extra set of teeth behind the teeth that are being used. That way as soon as a shark loses a tooth, there is another one to pop into its place. It seems that wild onions operate on the same principle. As soon as an onion is pulled out of the flower bed, another wild onion that is waiting down below the ground suddenly rises up to take its place.

So when you come out to inspect what you think should be an onion-free flower bed in the morning, there are still as many wild onions growing as there were before you pulled them all out. Hence, the shark tooth principle in action.

I think maybe I will write up my theory for Nature magazine and apply for a grant to pursue this further. In the meantime, I need to go pull up some wild onions.

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