Eagles, Snow Geese and Swans

We went by Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area this afternoon. In addition to the usual population of Canada geese and various types of ducks, the lakes now have a large population of snow geese and tundra swans. Middle Creek also has resident bald eagles and we enjoyed seeing them flying over the lake.

The tundra swans were in the large lake next to the road and also mixed in with the snow geese. (One of these days I will get a telephoto lens to get better shots of the wildlife. Most of the photographers at Middle Creek have v-e-r-y long lens on their cameras).

We were across the lake when the snow geese started rising on the opposite shore. It is so fascinating to see the white cloud of geese rise and swirl around the lake and then settle again.

The snow geese were close to the shore at the lookout on Willow Point Trail and frequently took off, swirled around and landed again with the sun reflecting off their backs.

It was a very nice winter’s afternoon with blue skies and bright sun and with geese and swans swirling over the lake and eagles flying overhead.

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