Hazy with a Chance of Farms

Lancaster County Dairy Farm

As a complete newbie when it comes to photography, I learn something new each time I head out to take some photos. I spent an hour driving around this afternoon making photos of some of the local farms. I was wanting to capture all of the various shades of green at this time of the year. But I see the next thing on my list to learn is how to compensate for haze. Like many beginning photographers who also have full-time jobs, it seems the days with the beautiful blue skies and white puffy clouds, I am sitting in an office looking at a computer screen. And on the days when I am off, it is raining, overcast or hazy but I know that part of the learning process is how to deal with the less than perfect weather. Maybe tomorrow will be clearer but in the meantime, if you look through the haze, here are some local dairy farms.

Lancaster County Farm

Lancaster County Farm

Lancaster County Farm

Lancaster County Farm

Lancaster County Farm

Lancaster County Farm

Lancaster County Farm

Lancaster County Farm

9 comments on “Hazy with a Chance of Farms

  1. Hey Mary– big fun to see how you’re moving out with your camera. My daughter and I rode east to west across Pennsylvania when she was looking at colleges. We love all the farm vistas! Thanks for the reminder…

    • Thanks…. One of the things we like in this area is the countryside and farms. It is a long drive across PA but not as long as driving across some of the western states.

    • Yes, this area does have more people. The dairy farms tend to be around 200 acres compared to where I grew up in Arkansas, the cotton and soybean farms were usually more than 1000 acres. The farms in your area are probably even larger.

  2. Great photos Mary of the farms in our neck of the woods! You did a good job with the hazy skies by not including them in the photos when it was possible. Well done!

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